your car is guaranteed with Buggs... with Buggs direct, no 3rd party brokers, no disappointments...

Car hire is again getting a bad press, this time due to a continuing shortage of car stocks.


Stories of bookings being cancelled by hire companies at the last minute, or even worse customers arriving at the rental desk only to be told...'sorry we don't have a car for you!'.


These events have been growing in their prevelance as the travel industry re-opens....but not at Buggs!.


We do things differently, you book directly with Buggs, in return we guarantee you a car....yes guarantee.


You don't get some vague worthless 'reservation' with a broker, who will then sell that to another broker etc....until it arrives with the rental company who then rejects the booking as it has no stock...thats when customers get let down, usually resulting in devastating consequences.


So do your self a huge favour, do not leave it to chance.... book smart, book direct and book buggs.