what you are saying about us....

we are always trying our best to ensure to provide you the customer with the best possible service we can....

so its really nice, when we receive some kind words in recognition of our efforts, here is a small sample...

  • Good morning On Thursday 12th of August I flew from Bergerac to East Midlands airport in the UK. I live some 100km from Bergerac and was given a lift to the airport that morning by my neighbour. As usual, I arrived rather early for my flight. The paperwork and the logistics of obtaining the necessary paperwork caused me considerable stress and I arrived at the airport reasonably certain that I had everything necessary to fly. I asked my neighbour to wait outside whilst I went into the Ryanair desk to check. They confirmed all was in order and I went back to my neighbour's car, collected my small case and computer and sent him on his way. About 15 minutes later I realised that I had left my mobile phone on the dashboard of the car. I didn't know quite what to do! I went into the Buggs office at Bergerac and spoke to your representative there who was totally patient and tolerant of my dilemma. He phoned my mobile phone which wasn't answered and then spent some considerable time trying to locate the mobile phone number of my neighbour via the internet. Eventually he managed to contact him and my neighbour returned to the airport some twenty minutes later returning my phone to me. Without my phone I would not have been able to exact my business in the UK. Indeed it would have been extremely difficult for me even to travel. Your representative was so helpful that morning and I am so very grateful for all his efforts to get me back on the right track. It was a stressful period before a quiet flight which took me to the UK. Many thanks to him and I would be grateful if you would, please, pass on my sincere thanks. Kindest regards

    Dr. Stephen Lansberry, London

  • France's best kept secret!!!! We have used Buggs car hire at Limoges airport for years. Their friendly, professional service is second to none. They couldn't be more helpful and always go the extra mile. We wouldn't hesitate to recommend them to anyone looking to pick up a hire car from the airport.


  • I rented a car from Buggs last summer. They were professional, kind and to the point. I was upgraded to an estate of what I thought was a Ford Focus. Fantastic car and great to drive. No improvements needed and a very competitive price. Keep it going guys - you're great!


  • We hired an estate car last week in Aug. On arrival at Limoges it was very quick and straightforward - no pressure selling to other models or insurance like often happens. Quick look around the car which was very new and then straight out on our holiday! Return was even simpler being met in the car park and another quick check. Security deposit promptly returned. Both staff members very friendly and informative. Great service would definitely use again and recommend highly.


  • Hi I have used this car hire company from Bergerac, they were very good, and they were there when we returned the car, which is more than can be said from the other hire companies. We used them on recommendation from friends who live in France . I am about to book car hire with them again.

    Angela, UK

  • Book with confidence! Yes, they are relatively small but totally reliable. They are always there to receive the car back unlike the 'big boys' who ask you to leave the key. I have been charged a late return fee by Avis at Bergerac when in fact the car was early and it took some 5 months to have the money refunded. Buggs every time, people you can trust!

    Brenda, UK

  • We have never found anything so difficult as trying to book a hire car at Limoges with Avis or Hertz on a Saturday late afternoon. Buggs guarantee to be there when our flight arrives, even if it is late, at no extra charge. That's service.

    B&P, UK

  • Until i read the comments on here I'd never heard of Buggs, but having been recommended we thought we'd give it a go. Well we've just had a weeks hire from them and they were a joy to deal with. If like me you enjoy dealing with people who do what they say, are competent and as an added bonus have a sense of humour and are pleasant then these are the people for you. Would not hesitate to recommend.

    Kando, UK

  • Have just had a car through Buggs in Bergerac. Easiest and best holiday car hire I have ever had and to top it all at the most competitive price. The car was great and more importantly the speed of collecting and delivering back was outstanding. Thank you so much. Would definitely book with them again.

    Jennifer, UK

  • I usually rent car every year when I am on holidays but I usually rent from bigger companies and have been disappointed several times. Recently I rented a car from your office in Limoges Airport, Amanda could not have been nicer. I was on my own with two kids of young age and she really looked after us and on both occasions taking and bringing back the car. Her service was very professional and genuine. My family is living in Limoges and I usually don't need a car but your price were very competitive and I will definitely come to u again while in Limoges. Thank u Amanda for your generous help.

    Laetitia, France

  • Hi Buggs I’m just emailing really to say what a refreshing experience it was hiring a car with Buggs. Service at the airport was efficient and personable for both collection and return. We were also very happy with the car. Although recently retired, my job required me to use rentals frequently in the last number of years, and I rented from all of the major companies. Buggs is head and shoulders above all of them in my opinion. Sorry to say that I don’t do facebook or twitter, so I can’t sing your praises via social media. Many thanks for adding to the enjoyment of our holiday in the Dordogne. Best regards

    Kevin Ruxton, UK