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For the purposes of these Terms and Conditions of Rental “the Company” “we” “us” or “our” shall be S.A.R.L. Buggs (Siret No. 488 473 919).

The “customer” or “you” shall be any business, partnership, individual or specified driver who shall enter into a hire agreement with the Company. “Vehicle(s)” shall be the car(s) and any associated accessories.

In signing the rental agreement you agree to strictly comply with the following Terms and Conditions, which are not transferable.

1. The Vehicles

1.1 All the vehicles on hire from the Company shall remain the property of the Company at all times. At no time can you transfer or sub-rent the vehicle.

1.2 The vehicle must only be driven by you the Customer or any other person who has been authorised by us and who is named on the rental agreement. You will not allow the vehicle to be driven by any person (including yourself) who is over tired, under the influence of alcohol, drugs, medication or other legal or illegal substances which may impair their consciousness or their ability to react accordingly.

1.3 Vehicles will be passed to the Customer in good overall operating condition, complete with all necessary documents and accessories. You agree to return the vehicle in the same condition at the agreed time and place stated on the rental agreement.

1.4 The Company’s liability for any defect or failure of the vehicle is limited to the rectification of any defect arising from normal usage.

1.5 The Company shall inspect the vehicle prior to hire and any damage found will be noted upon the Rental Agreement. Before departure, the Customer is soley responsible for inspecting the vehicle and comparing the condition of the vehicle against the damage noted by the Company, any additional damage found should be bought immediately to the attention of the Company, before the rental has started. The Company shall record any further damage identified by the Customer and once the Customer is satisfied that a true representation of the condition of the vehicle has been recorded the rental can begin. Once the rental period has started the damage agreed by both parties is final, the responsibility and cost of repair of any further damage identified at the end of the rental is the sole responsibility of the Customer. Upon signing the rental agreement the Customer accepts the condition of the vehicle and is responsible for any losses, accidental and non-accidental damages to the vehicle. The Customer is responsible for all vehicle accessories, internal and external, and commits themselves to refunding the Company the amount of any insurance excess charges, (see section 5) damage repair costs and or any losses incurred by the Company as a result. Upon return, should the vehicle require any repairs, refuelling or additional or exceptional cleaning, then the full amount will be debited from the card guarantee left by the Customer specifically for this purpose, this may in certain circumstances exceed the sum left as a guarantee, if this is the case, the Customer, by signing the agreement, authorises the Company to take the balance, upto the full cost.

1.6 The Customer undertakes to ensure that the Company’s vehicles shall not be used for any purpose beyond its capability, capacity or in a manner that is likely to result in damage or unnecessary deterioration of the vehicle.

These include:

  • 1.6.1 carrying of passengers or cargo for remuneration
  • 1.6.2 or any object or substance which because of its condition or odour may harm the vehicle
  • 1.6.3 taking part in any race, rally or off road activity
  • 1.6.4 any towing or pushing of any other vehicle or object
  • 1.6.5 any illegal/unlawful purpose
  • 1.6.6 any auto training
  • 1.6.7 transport of animals/pets

1.7 Vehicles cannot be modified or altered in any way by the customer. Any modifications or alterations will be charged at the cost of rectifying.

1.8 Any damage to or breakdown of a vehicle is to be reported to the Company within 24 hours.

1.9 Vehicles are not to leave the country of France without the consent of the Company.

1.10 Smoking is strictly forbidden in any of our vehicles and carries a 250.00 euro penalty charged to any Customer found to be in breach of this clause.

2. Charges & Payments

2.1 Before the vehicle is issued to the Customer, the Customer must provide a valid Credit Card or Debit Card to the Company to be used as a deposit guarantee.

2.2 A pre-authorisation of a minimum of 250.00 euros will be made on the card. If the Customer has not accepted our Excess Protection and the Company has reason to believe that the Customer, if required, has no means to repay the Excess, then the Customer will be required to leave a larger deposit upto the total amount of the applicable Excess, before the vehicle can be released.

2.3 This deposit is a pre-authorisation, its is not debited from the card and is released by us at the end of your rental, less any charges incurred by the Customer, for which the Customer will receive an itemised receipt. Your bank or card provider may choose to delay this release, if this is the case, then you will need to contact them directly.

2.4 The Customer upon giving these card details, and by signing the rental agreement, authorises the Company to hold and to use these card details for the payment of any additional charges/costs arising from this hire, further authorisation from the Customer shall not be requested or deemed necessary. An itemised receipt of any deductions made from the customers card will be issued to the customer.

2.5 The Company will not issue any vehicle for hire until full payment for the hire period is received.

2.6 The Customer must be at the agreed location at the agreed time for collection of the vehicle, If not a penalty of 25€ per hour waiting time will be charged (not applicable due to flight delays). Failure to return the vehicle at the agreed time and place shall incur a penalty charge of 25€ per hour waiting time and/or the relevant 24 hour rate. The vehicle remains the responsibility of the Customer until the vehicle is returned.

2.7 Hire charges are based on the period of the contract irrespective of whether or not the equipment is in use.

2.8 All quotations and charges are made in €’s, the Company cannot be held responsible for any fluctuation or changes in currency conversion rates.

2.9 In the event of an accident the customer is responsible for the full costs of recovery, storage, administration and other costs not covered by insurance of the vehicle.

2.10 In the event of a puncture wheel or tyre damage the customer must inform the Company and the Customer is responsible for the cost of repair/replacement. If the Customer has purchased the Buggs tyre protection cover, then the cost of the replacement or repair will be reimbursed to the Customer upon the receipt of a valid invoice.

3. Cancellations

3.1 At present we strongly recommend you choose upgrade to Flexi+ option in the 'Extras' section of the online booking form. Flexi+ allows you to transfer or demand a refund on your booking. You can do this by informing us by email no less than 5 hours before your confirmed arrival time. Upon receipt of your email our Buggs Booking Team will contact you to make your new arrangements or to process your refund.

3.2 If you choose to book without Flexi+ please be aware that your booking is non-refunable and during these uncertain times you should be certain you will be able to travel as it will not be refunded. However, if you contact us no less 14 days prior to your confirmed arrival time, Buggs will offer you a goodwill transfer to future dates.  

3.3 When transferring a booking tariff rates may need to be adjusted. All refunds are subject to a 30€ admin charge. Flexi+ does not apply to existing credit/transfer bookings.

4. Third Party Insurance cover

4.1 The Company has a legal requirement to provide third party cover and this is included in your rental charges.

4.2 Our insurance policy meets all legal requirements and protects us, you and any authorised driver against legal claims from any other person for death or personal injury or damage to any other person’s property caused by use of the vehicle.

4.3 In the event that any third party suffers death, personal injury or damage to property caused by use of the vehicle which involves a breach by you or any authorised driver of any of the terms and conditions of this Rental Agreement, you agree to reimburse us in full for any payment the Company or our insurers make to a third party on your behalf and/or any third party.

5. Insurance Excess

5.1 Our vehicles are covered by our fully comprehensive insurance, which is included in your rental charges. An Insurance Excess (see 'insurance' link on our website for current excess levels) is applicable on the standard policy in the event of an insurance claim and/or damage to the vehicle. The amount of the applicable Insurance Excess will be printed on the rental agreement.

5.2 In the event of damage/theft to a vehicle the Customer commits themselves to refunding the Company the amount of the insurance excess charge, irrespective of who was driving the vehicle, irrespective of fault, irrespective of the amount of cost to rectify and irrespective of any third-party excess waiver insurance the Customer may hold. The Company may choose to reimburse the Customer an amount should the costs to rectify and any associated costs incurred by the Company be less than the excess amount. The hirer/driver must complete the supplied insurance accident report form (constat d’accident), this is essential to validate any insurance claim, without this the Customer could be responsible for the full repair costs.

5.3 Buggs Excess Protection - on condition that the Customer complies with all the terms on this agreement and that any damage or loss is not caused by negligence or intentionally by the Customer or by any authorised or unauthorised driver, the Customers liability to pay the relevant insurance excess will be limited if the Customer has purchased Buggs Excess Protection.

5.4 If the Customer has accepted the Buggs Excess Protection, then by paying the specified daily charge, payment of the relevant insurance excess, in the event of any damage or loss, will be reduced by 75%. The Buggs Excess Protection, does not include any damage to glass, wheels and tyres and vehicle undercarriage, for which the customer remains fully responsible and must reimburse the Company in full.

5.5 If the Customer has accepted the Buggs Excess Protection Plus, then by paying the specified daily charge, payment of the relevant insurance excess, in the event of any damage or loss, will be waivered in full. The Buggs Excess Protection Plus, does not include any damage to glass, wheels and tyres and vehicle undercarriage, for which the customer remains fully responsible and must reimburse the Company in full.

5.6 The loss, damage and replacement of keys is not included in either option and the customer remains fully responsible for all replacement costs (10.9).

5.7 If the Customer chooses not to accept either of the offered Buggs Excess Protection packages, then the Customer will be liable to pay the Company the full Insurance excess relating to the vehicle, in the event of an insurance claim or damage to the vehicle. The Customer authorises the Company to take the payment for this from the card the Customer has provided as guarantee. A receipt to the Customer will be issued.

5.8 If the Customer chooses not to accept either of the offered Buggs Excess Protection packages then the customer may be requested to leave a larger guarantee than the standard guarantee (as described in clause 2.2) before the rental can begin.

5.9 Buggs Excess Protection Packages are not available to under 25 year old drivers, contact buggs for further information.

5.10 If the Customer has accepted the Tyre and Glass Protection cover and by paying the specified daily charge, then the cost of repair or replacement will be reimbursed to the Customer by the Company, upon receipt of the relevant and valid invoice.

5.11 The Company shall still reserve the right to charge administration costs if deemed applicable under clause 5.

5.12 In the event of the Customer requesting additional information from the Company in relation to a third-party excess insurance claim, the Company shall charge the Customer the appropriate administration fees.

6. Refuelling Policy

6.1 The Company shall endeavour to supply the vehicle to the Customer with a full tank of fuel. The level will be noted on the Agreement prior to the hire period commencing. The Customer is solely responsible for checking the level of fuel before the commencement of the hire, no claim for refunds or shortfalls can be accepted by the Company once the hire has commenced and the fuel level appears to have been incorrectly noted. The Customer accepts to return the vehicle with the amount noted on the agreement. Any shortfall will be charged to the Customer at current pump prices, plus a refuelling fee.

6.2 When refuelling, the Customer is responsible for ensuring the correct fuel type is used. Should the Customer refuel the vehicle with the incorrect fuel type, the Customer shall be responsible for all costs of the recovery and repair of the vehicle and any associated charges the Company deem applicable.

7. Unlimited Mileage/Kilometers policy

Unlimited kilometers are subject to a fair usage policy of 500km per 24hr period of the hire. Unlimited usage is not applicable to hirers whose main residence in France is within 150kms of the buggs vehicle collection point. French residents who live within 150kms are subject to a 250km limit per 24hr period with additional kms chargeable at 0.45 euros per Kilometre.

8. Accidents, Theft, Vandalism or Breakdown

8.1 All accidents, thefts, acts of vandalism or breakdowns must be reported to the Company within 24 hours or the earliest opportunity there after.

8.2 The Customer, must by law, where possible, report any traffic accident involving the vehicle to the police immediately and report any loss or damage within 48 hours. A supplied Accident Report Form, must be completed by the hirer with any Third Party involved, this is a legal requirement in France and a requirement of our insurers.

8.3 In the event of an accident the Customer must not admit any liability, release any third party liability, settle any claim or accept any form of disclaimer, but take relevant names and addresses of everyone involved, including any witnesses and photographs where possible.

9. The Customers Responsibilities

9.1 The Customer will be liable to the Company for all losses and costs incurred by the Company in the event of loss, damage to or theft of the vehicle, its parts or accessories while on rental. The Customers liability may include the cost of repairs, loss in value of the vehicle, loss of rental income, towing, storage and recovery charges and an administration charge, which recovers our costs for handling any claim arising from damage caused to the vehicle unless responsibility for the damage lies with the Company or has been determined by a third party or their insurers to lie with the third party.

10. The Customer and The Company

10.1 On delivery the Customer and all additional drivers must hold a current full driving license, which the Customer/drivers has held for a minimum of 1 year and which corresponds to the category of the vehicle being hired, plus one other form of photo identification. This designation is subject to the approval of the Company before the Customer is entrusted with the vehicle. Only this person is authorised to drive the vehicle, plus additional drivers included on the Rental Agreement, as long as they can also fulfill these requirements.

10.2 The Customer shall be responsible for the vehicle and ensure that it is locked, secure and use any security devices provided. You must always use seat belts, child safety seats (which although provided by the Company must be fitted by the Customer) and any other safety system provided in the vehicle.

10.3 The Customer shall be responsible for conforming to all motoring rules, regulations and laws. The Customer is responsible for the payment of any fines, road tolls or traffic violations incurred during the hire period and the Company is legally responsible for passing all the relevant details of the hirer to the authorities when requested (law no. 2003-495 dated June 12 2003 art.81). An administrative charge will be made to the client by the Company for supplying this information to the relevant authorities and this will be deducted from the credit/debit card the client has previously used for the booking or the guarantee and therefore authorised us to use (2.2).

10.4 The Customer shall be responsible for conforming to our non-smoking policy in all our vehicles, a cleaning charge will be made where evidence of smoking has been found.

10.5 The Company cannot be responsible for any injuries to personnel or loss or damage to property consequential to and arising from the use of a vehicle by the customer.

10.6 In the event of a vehicle not being available for hire due to unforeseen circumstances beyond the control of the Company, the Company reserves the right to substitute or cancel an agreement at any time.

10.7 The Company will not be responsible for any delays resulting from mechanical breakdowns, any other incidents or accidents. The Customer, cannot, under any circumstances make a claim against the Company, for damages for delays in the delivery of the vehicle, cancellation of the hire or immobilisation during the hire.

10.8 The Company reserves the right to take back the vehicle at anytime if you are in breach of any conditions of this rental agreement.

10.9 The Customer is responsible for the safe keeping of the vehicle keys, if lost or damaged a minimum 200€ fee for replacement keys is applicable and any other additional costs.

11. Disputes

11.1 In the unlikely event you experience a problem, we have set out below our complaint procedure:

  • Please contact us immediately if you have a problem on 0033 553 74 05 86.
  • We will discuss your issue with you and try to resolve it verbally.
  • If we cannot verbally agree on a way forward, we ask that you put your complaint in writing and send to Disputes, SARL Buggs, Apt 7, Le Menuisiere, 47290 Castelnaud de Gratecambe. We may pass this on to our legal team.
  • We will contact you within 14 days to propose a resolution.
  • If we reach deadlock, you will be advised, in writing, that we cannot agree a settlement. 
  • You can then refer the matter in writing to the ombudsman Médiateur du Conseil National des Professions de l’automobile at 50, rue Rouget de Lisle – 92158 Suresnes cedex.

12. Applicable Law

12.1 The Company will always try to resolve all disputes amicably, but when this proves impossible the law of France shall apply.

12.2 Should any part of these Terms & Conditions prove to be unenforceable, for any reason, the remainder of the Terms & Conditions shall remain unaffected.