frequently asked questions...

If you cannot find an answer to your question please feel free to Contact Us!

Apart from being really nice people, heres a few more even better reasons for choosing Buggs...

  • simply the best value
  • we are human, you can talk to us
  • no gimmicks, tricks or scams
  • we are totally independent and we do not have to pay commission to get business
  • book and pay direct - we refuse to deal with brokers or confusing comparison web-sites
  • no extra hidden charges on arrival or once you have got home !
  • we take all your information in advance so no delays when you arrive
  • avoid the queues - keys in less than 5 mins
  • we do not shut for lunch!
  • we are always open...even for the late flights!
  • debit cards accepted
  • fuel - full to full
  • unlimited kms
  • no age restrictions

we keep it simple - we are simply the best value...

Simply use the on-line booking form the on the front page of this site.

Follow the few easy steps through to the end.

Your reservation will then be confirmed once payment has been processed.

It is really that simple.....


At Buggs we don't like using the word 'cheapest' we think it gives the impression of an inferior service, we prefer to say Buggs are the best value car hire 

When comparing prices it can sometimes appear that other companies are offering great deals. As always something that seems too good to be true...often is , consider extra charges on arrival, e.g. fuel, roadside assistance, the cost of extra requirements like additional drivers, child seats, cleaning, fuel costs and excess waiver cover...beware!

Promises of very low prices can sometimes appear for the more reputable companies, but sold through comparison websites or even the airline site you have booked your flight through. They will accept your booking, but what they fail to tell you is that the local rental company has no obligation to honour the booking if they consider the price too low. This usually ends very nastily, when bookings are not honoured by the local agent who will not make a car available...beware!

Prices offered by comparison and broker websites do not always show the true final cost as they are unable to show charges that are charged locally...beware! 

The Buggs policy is to offer a fixed price with no additional charges on arrival...and no nasty charges after you have arrived home! 

Our priority is personal service to the customer and to make the start of your visit to France a pleasant one

Everything!!...there will be nothing more to pay

The price for your hire you see and pay is the final price, you will not be asked to pay more than this

You can use either a Credit or Debit card.

It is essential that you bring a valid card with you as without a deposit the vehicle cannot be released for hire.

The current deposit is a minimum of 500€ and is taken as a pre-authorisation payment.

If you have accepted our Buggs Excess Protection Waiver, then the deposit required is reduced to 250€. 

If you have not accepted our Buggs Excess Protection Waiver, then you may be required to leave a larger deposit up to the total amount of the applicable Vehicle Excess.

This deposit is a pre-authorisation, its is not debited from the card and is released by us at the end of the rental (less any charges incurred, for which you will receive an itemised receipt). Although we release the pre-authorisation upon the same day as your vehicle return, your bank or card provider may continue to delay this release, if this is the case, then you will need to contact them directly.

If you return the car 

  • with any damage 
  • not full of fuel
  • dirty interior requiring extra cleaning
  • loss of keys
  • resulting motoring offences


then obviously you will be charged for any of these together with applicable administration and other associated costs

You can pay on-line by credit or debit card at the time of booking.

We recommend where possible that you use a credit card for payment (Mastercard or Visa) as this may offer you certain benefits. 

If you would prefer to be contacted by us by telephone for payment, then please request this by contacting bookings@buggscarhire.com and supply a contact number.

We also accept payment by bank transfer, but we incur bank charges from sterling accounts which we will ask you to reimburse us. 


No...we accept payment by

  • credit card
  • debit card
  • bank transfer


The security deposit taken at the desk prior to vehicle handover, can only be made using a Credit or Debit Card

At Buggs, we have managed to minimise additional old and young driver fees

There are NO additional fees for drivers 65 and older, unlike other companies who will surprise you and apply this charge locally at the desk.

Cars hired or driven by under 25 yr olds carry a Young Drivers Supplement

  • 15€ per day

Our insurers will only allow under 25 yr olds to hire or drive a group Small/Compact category cars and the Buggs Excess Protection Plus Waiver is not available

All drivers must have held a full driving licence for a minimum of 1 year

Included in the price of your car hire is Standard Vehicle Insurance.

Standard Vehicle Insurance consists of “Collision Damage Waiver“ (CDW) or “Fully Comprehensive cover" for the hirer and any additional drivers on the rental agreement.

This insurance cover is for damage to the hired vehicle, theft/vandalism of the vehicle and a comprehensive 3rd party cover, but will carry an insurance Excess payable in the event of any claim.

The Insurance Excess on Buggs cars groups are

  • Small, Small Fun and Compact -- 1200€
  • Compact Fun, Crossover, Crossover/Suv Auto, Crossover/SUV, Estate and Utility Fun -- 1500€
  • 7 Seater, Sports Fun and Vans -- 2000€

It is strongly recommended that you purchase Buggs Excess Protection Waiver, which reduces the excess payable

If you choose the Buggs Excess Protection Waiver, payment of the relevant insurance excess, in the event of any damage or insurance claim, will be reduced by 75% of the applicable excess.

The Buggs Excess Protection Waiver does not include any damage to glass, wheels and tyres and vehicle undercarriage, for which the customer remains fully responsible and must reimburse Buggs in full

  • Buggs Excess Protection Waiver - 10€ per day

If you choose not to accept the Buggs Excess Protection Waiver, then you will be liable to pay the FULL Insurance excess relating to the vehicle in the event of damage to the vehicle. The payment will be taken from the card provided as guarantee.

Tyre, Glass and Keys Refundable Waiver is available and by paying the daily rate we will reimburse you the full cost of the repair or replacement. Cover extends to accidental damage to the vehicle glass (excluding lights) and the cost of the repair or replacement of tyres only (it does not apply to wheel damage or subsequent damage to steering or suspension for which the Customer remains fully responsible and must reimburse the Company in full) and the accidental damage or loss of keys and the replacement costs.

  • Tyre, Glass and Keys Refundable Waiver - 5€ per day

If you have a 'Third-Party' Excess waiver Insurance, then you are liable to reimburse Buggs first and then claim back later through your thrid-party insurer.

If you do not have Excess Insurance of any kind, you are taking a huge risk, which could prove to be very expensive...not to be recommended!

Below is our damage repair price guide for 2023.

These are base prices and will be re-charged to the customer depending on make and model of vehicle.

Exterior Damage

Panel Price - Re Paint Only

  • Wing from 360.00€
  • Door from 340.00€
  • Bumper F or B from 370.00€
  • Bonnet or Boot from 320.00€
  • Roof from 560.00€
  • Door Mirror Paint from 140.00€

Panel Price - Dent and Re Paint

  • Wing from 520.00€
  • Door from 480.00€
  • Bumper F or B from 510.00€
  • Bonnet or Boot from 480.00€
  • Roof from 625.00€


  • Aerial Replace from 75.00€
  • Door Mirror Glass from 75.00€
  • Door Mirror Replace from 290.00€
  • Hubcap from 75.00€
  • Wheel (steel) from 195.00€
  • Tyre Repair from 55.00€
  • Tyre Replace from 155.00€
  • Wheel (alloy) from 335.00€
  • Headlight from 290.00€
  • Rear Light from 185.00€
  • Windscreen Repair from 125.00€
  • Windscreen Replace from 460.00€
  • All other Glass from 320.00€

Vehicle Documents & Accessories

  • Car Documents 100.00€
  • Hi-Vis vest 25.00€
  • Warning Triangle 35.00€

Additional Cleaning

  • Interior from 80.00€
  • Exterior from 55.00€


  • Spare Wheel from 450.00€
  • Tyre Inflation Kit 170.00€
  • Rear Parcel Shelf from 310.00€

All prices are exclusive of TVA

Please note these items are NOT covered

Car damage or loss caused by, misfuelling, off-road driving, vehicle undercarriage, driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs, natural disaters (hail damage), demonstrations, riots or terrorist attacks, carrying of inappropriate equipement, liquids or materials, additional unauthorised equipement such as roof or cycle racks, transmission failures/burnt-out clutch, replacement vehicle, excessive cleaning, failure to conform to our terms and conditions.


Buggs do not have any set opening hours...we are there for you when you want us and when your flight arrives...even the very late ones!

We ask you for your arrival time and filght number, that means...

  • we will be there for the times agreed on your booking confirmation document
  • we will also be there if your flight arrival is delayed

When making comparisons with other rental companies, check the opening times to avoid disappointment and additional charges...beware


  • Buggs can deliver/collect from other local locations, obviously there will be a charge, please ask 
  • Delivery and collection charges are based from the airports where the cars are located
  • This service is not always available, especially during peak periods

At Buggs we are updating and increasing our fleet all the time

The models selected for our fleet are cars that have proved to be the most in demand from our clients

All our cars are purchased new and will be a maximum of a few months old with very low kms

Please go to the 'cars' page of this website to see the current models in each category

No not all the time...but we will try our best

Our bookings are taken by car group, not by model

If you have specific needs, i.e. large luggage, wheelchair, headroom etc, then please let us know and we will really try our best to provide the model you require, obviously always subject to availability


Buggs provide the car full and ask you to return the car full

We believe this the fairest method.

Other rental companies will ask you to pay for a full tank on arrival and return the car empty, this is a hidden charge as it is impossible to return a car empty!

If for any reason you do not return the car full, we will have to refuel the car and charge you the pump price plus a 40€ refueling fee. 

40€??!! thats a bit expensive!!...well its a deterrent really so that you don't forget to fill it up, which would be unfair to the next client  


We have a wide range of quality car seats available for all ages and our prices are considerably less expensive than the other rental companies

For legal reasons we are not allowed to fit the chairs, it has to be you

Contact us if you have specific requirements


All buggs cars already have them in 

Ask the Buggs Rep where they are located in your car


Contrary to popular myth, these are not and never have been a requirement by French law

Buggs offer Free Cancellation up to 48 hours before your rental starts and is included in your rental cost.

To qualify contact us by email at bookings@buggscarhire.com no less than 48 hours before your confirmed arrival time. Upon receipt of your email our Buggs Booking Team will contact you to make your new arrangements or to process your refund.

When booking you can also choose to upgrade to Flexi+ and this allows you to then cancel your booking up to 5 hours before your scheduled rental start, recommended to cover those last minute unforeseen problems!

If you have Flexi+ then you can contact us at bookings@buggscarhire.com no less than 5 hours before your confirmed arrival time and upon receipt of your email our Buggs Booking Team will contact you to make your new arrangements or to process your refund. 

the buggs desk at the airport

  • At Bergerac you will find Buggs directly in front of you as you exit the Arrivals Hall
  • At Biarritz we are located in the 'Car Rentals Village', a short walk from the Terminal 
  • At Limoges Buggs are located in the car hire building directly opposite as you leave the Terminal
  • At all our locations a Buggs Rep will be there to meet you at the agreed time

check, sign and go!

  • Please have the driving licences and passports of all drivers ready for checking at the Buggs desk
  • The Buggs Rep will confirm the details of your hire, the condition of the car and the return details on your agreement 
  • You will need a valid credit or debit card to leave a deposit
  • There will be no attempt to sell you any add-on packages 
  • Sign the form and you are on your way
  • The whole process typically takes 5 minutes...at Buggs we don't do queues

returning your car

  • It is important that you return your car as per the details printed on your agreement and as agreed with the Buggs Rep
  • Please park your car in one of the allocated Buggs parking spaces in the returns car park
  • Please inspect your car and mark your rental agreement with any additional damage or faults 
  • Upon your return a Buggs Rep will be at the desk to meet you and to take your keys
  • The Buggs Rep will confirm that you have returned your car on time
  • If there are any charges due in relation to your hire, then you will be expected to pay these before you leave
  • Your deposit is then normally released within 24hrs  


All drivers need to present a full valid licence (no photocopies or digital copies sorry).

UK plastic photo licence and older style UK paper licences are accepted

The new DVLA code is not needed

Drivers will also need to show their passports/ID cards


But the good news...we track flight arrivals and departures and will be there wind or rain, to meet you 

If you have a mobile phone with you please keep it on, as in exceptional situations (such as flight diversions), we may need to contact you

We provide FREE Roadside Assistance in the rare case of a breakdown, unlike our competitors who will try and add this charge at the desk

Buggs provide a pack in the glove box with all the relevant paperwork and contact details for such events

Buggs plan to open at other airports in France and demand is increasing year on year at Bergerac, Biarritz and Limoges

If you are looking to move down to this part of the world and fancy running a branch of buggs at a new location, then we would like to hear from you