insurance and insurance excess

take cover....!!!

Included in the price of your car hire is Standard Vehicle Insurance.

Standard Vehicle Insurance consists of “Collision Damage Waiver“ (CDW) or “Fully Comprehensive cover" for the hirer and any additional drivers on the rental agreement.

This insurance cover is for damage to the hired vehicle, theft/vandalism of the vehicle and a comprehensive 3rd party cover, but will carry an insurance Excess payable in the event of any claim.

The Insurance Excess on Buggs cars groups are

  • Small, Small Fun and Compact -- 1200€
  • Compact Fun, Crossover, Crossover/Suv Auto, Crossover/SUV, Estate and Utility Fun -- 1500€
  • 7 Seater, Sports Fun and Vans -- 2000€

It is strongly recommended that you purchase Buggs Excess Protection Waiver, which reduces the excess payable

If you choose the Buggs Excess Protection Waiver, payment of the relevant insurance excess, in the event of any damage or insurance claim, will be reduced by 75% of the applicable excess.

The Buggs Excess Protection Waiver does not include any damage to glass, wheels and tyres and vehicle undercarriage, for which the customer remains fully responsible and must reimburse Buggs in full

  • Buggs Excess Protection Waiver - 10€ per day

If you choose not to accept the Buggs Excess Protection Waiver, then you will be liable to pay the FULL Insurance excess relating to the vehicle in the event of damage to the vehicle. The payment will be taken from the card provided as guarantee.

Tyre, Glass and Keys Refundable Waiver is available and by paying the daily rate we will reimburse you the full cost of the repair or replacement. Cover extends to accidental damage to the vehicle glass (excluding lights) and the cost of the repair or replacement of tyres only (it does not apply to wheel damage or subsequent damage to steering or suspension for which the Customer remains fully responsible and must reimburse the Company in full) and the accidental damage or loss of keys and the replacement costs.

  • Tyre, Glass and Keys Refundable Waiver - 5€ per day

If you have a 'Third-Party' Excess waiver Insurance, then you are liable to reimburse Buggs first and then claim back later through your thrid-party insurer.

If you do not have Excess Insurance of any kind, you are taking a huge risk, which could prove to be very expensive...not to be recommended!

Below is our damage repair price guide for 2023.

These are base prices and will be re-charged to the customer depending on make and model of vehicle.

Exterior Damage

Panel Price - Re Paint Only

  • Wing from 360.00€
  • Door from 340.00€
  • Bumper F or B from 370.00€
  • Bonnet or Boot from 320.00€
  • Roof from 560.00€
  • Door Mirror Paint from 140.00€

Panel Price - Dent and Re Paint

  • Wing from 520.00€
  • Door from 480.00€
  • Bumper F or B from 510.00€
  • Bonnet or Boot from 480.00€
  • Roof from 625.00€


  • Aerial Replace from 75.00€
  • Door Mirror Glass from 75.00€
  • Door Mirror Replace from 290.00€
  • Hubcap from 75.00€
  • Wheel (steel) from 195.00€
  • Tyre Repair from 55.00€
  • Tyre Replace from 155.00€
  • Wheel (alloy) from 335.00€
  • Headlight from 290.00€
  • Rear Light from 185.00€
  • Windscreen Repair from 125.00€
  • Windscreen Replace from 460.00€
  • All other Glass from 320.00€

Vehicle Documents & Accessories

  • Car Documents 100.00€
  • Hi-Vis vest 25.00€
  • Warning Triangle 35.00€

Additional Cleaning

  • Interior from 80.00€
  • Exterior from 55.00€


  • Spare Wheel from 450.00€
  • Tyre Inflation Kit 170.00€
  • Rear Parcel Shelf from 310.00€

All prices are exclusive of TVA

Please note these items are NOT covered

Car damage or loss caused by, misfuelling, off-road driving, vehicle undercarriage, driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs, natural disaters (hail damage), demonstrations, riots or terrorist attacks, carrying of inappropriate equipement, liquids or materials, additional unauthorised equipement such as roof or cycle racks, transmission failures/burnt-out clutch, replacement vehicle, excessive cleaning, failure to conform to our terms and conditions.