collection and return

we keep it simple

the buggs desk at the airport

  • At Bergerac you will find Buggs directly in front of you as you exit the Arrivals Hall
  • At Biarritz we are located in the 'Car Rentals Village', a short walk from the Terminal 
  • At Limoges Buggs are located in the car hire building directly opposite as you leave the Terminal
  • At all our locations a Buggs Rep will be there to meet you and at the agreed time

check, sign and go!

  • Please have the driving licences and passports of all drivers ready for checking at the Buggs desk
  • The Buggs Rep will confirm the details of your hire, the condition of the car and the return details on your agreement 
  • You will need a valid credit or debit card to leave the deposit
  • There will be no attempt to sell you any add-on packages 
  • Sign the form and you are on your way
  • The whole process typically takes 5 Buggs we don't do queues

returning your car

  • It is important that you return your car as per the details printed on your agreement and as agreed with the Buggs Rep
  • Please park your car in one of the allocated Buggs parking spaces in the returns car park 
  • Upon your return a Buggs Rep will be at the desk to meet you and to relieve you of your keys
  • The Buggs Rep will confirm that you have returned your car on time, that there is no damage and that it is full of fuel
  • Should everything be in order, you will then be asked to sign the agreement and the contract will be closed
  • If there are any charges due in relation to your hire, then you will be expected to pay these before you leave
  • Your deposit is then normally released within 24hrs  

other locations

  • Buggs can deliver/collect from other local locations, there will be a charge, please ask 
  • Delivery and collection charges are based from the airports where the cars are located
  • This service is not always available, especially during peak periods